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2024 Inyova Crowdinvesting - EN

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Zürich, Switzerland

2024 Inyova Crowdinvesting - EN

Starting in 13 days


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2024 Inyova Crowdinvesting - EN

Starting in 13 days



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Your chance to become a co-owner of Inyova:

Over 1,000 Inyova Impact Investors have asked us to become co-owners of Inyova. After successfully closing a funding round with our existing investors, we are now giving you the opportunity: You can invest in Inyova with the same conditions!

Our last crowdinvesting round was a huge success and we love our crowdinvestors! They are the best ambassadors for our purpose we could hope for. That's why we're doing a second crowdinvesting. Join the limited early-access list and become part of this exciting and impactful journey.


An ever-growing impact community:

  • Over 10,000 impact investors
  • More than CHF 250 million in assets managed by Inyova
  • Product available in Switzerland, Germany and Austria




Money has an effect – Impact Investing for a better tomorrow


Every investment has an impact on the world. Where and what that effect is, often remains unknown. Frequently, investments finance causes that investors would not support. But finance can also be part of the solution. To that end, investments have to go to the right place with the right goal. Because all investments at Inyova have a sustainable impact, we can afford full transparency and are setting new standards in our industry.

Inyova was founded with a promise: Build your wealth while making the world a better place. We enable everyone to invest profitably while visibly contributing to a responsible and sustainable future. We are on the path to making impact investing the industry standard in finance. We are committed to making impact investing accessible, involving more people in our mission to maximize impact through a growing, engaged community.


Why are we doing Crowdinvesting?

We are committed to making impact investing accessible, involving more people in our mission to maximize impact through a growing, engaged community. Here are the key reasons for this crowdinvesting campaign:

  • Our mission to democratize finance continues with our last planned financing round before we expect to reach profitability. With motivated angel investors and family offices already on board, we’re eager to give our crowd and customers the opportunity to own their stake in the movement and its expected profits.
  • We just finished a financing round with our existing investors. We’re now giving our customers and current crowdinvestors the opportunity to participate at the same terms. Existing crowdinvestors get preferred subscription rights, as they are shareholders already.
  • The first Inyova crowdinvesting campaign has been a huge success with thousands of new investors and close to CHF 7 Millions raised. This led to more demand for a new opportunity to own a stake in Inyova. Our crowdinvestors also became stronger impact investing evangelists - Which helps the Inyova movement as a whole.
  • We will use the additional capital to accelerate customer growth and introduce innovative features such as holistic wealth management and provide additional asset classes such as microfinance, private equity or venture capital.


Our community


Our community includes over 10,000 impact investors. Together, we are building a more sustainable and equitable future, growing every day.

Dr. Tillmann Lang
Dr. Tillmann Lang

co-founder and CEO


Tillmann has dedicated his entire adult life to the question of how to make the world more sustainable and the role finance plays in it. Before founding Inyova, Tillmann worked for over six years at the strategy consultancy McKinsey & Company. Additionally, Tillmann was the CFO at Benefiit, a network of impact investors, and is the founding director of the Sustainability-in-Business-Lab at ETH Zurich. He holds a PhD from ETH Zurich and studied mathematics and computer science at the universities of Heidelberg and Santiago de Chile. Tillmann lives in Zurich with his wife and their three young children and spends as much time as possible in the mountains, skiing, mountain biking, or hiking.

Erik Gloerfeld
Erik Gloerfeld

co-founder and CGO


Erik is a sustainability professional through and through. Before founding Inyova, Erik worked as an independent entrepreneur for over a year, during which he launched the project Lapel & Tie and took over the expansion of the GreenBuzz initiative. He is also a founding member of collaboratio helvetica, a platform and community for systemic change in Switzerland. Previously, Erik spent over two years at McKinsey & Company, specialising in sustainable projects. Erik holds a Master's degree in Energy Science and Technology from ETH Zurich and a Bachelor's degree from RWTH Aachen. Until 2023, Erik served as Chief Product Officer at Inyova; currently, as Chief Growth Officer, he is responsible for marketing and customer care. In his free time, Erik enjoys sports and practises yoga and meditation.

Cristian von Angerer, CFA
Cristian von Angerer, CFA



After more than seven years in the financial sector, Cristian felt that sustainability in investments was still being neglected. To change this, he took on the responsibility for impact investing strategies, investment management, and impact research at Inyova four years ago, ensuring that your values are always considered. Since 2024, Cristian has also been responsible for Inyova's digital products, making it possible for anyone to become an impact investor with just a few clicks. Before Inyova, Cristian, who has a background in financial and economic mathematics, worked at the Boston Consulting Group and Assenagon Asset Management. He lives in Munich and enjoys spending his free time in nature.

Ingo Weber
Ingo Weber



Ingo is an experienced fintech manager who has held several key positions as COO, CFO, and CEO. He has extensive experience in building and scaling growth companies. Ingo is part of the founding team of LeapFrog, a private equity firm focused on impact investments with over USD 2 billion in assets under management, and is a pioneer in the field of impact investments. He also actively supports Apis Partners, a private equity firm focused on global fintech companies, and is on the supervisory board of a leading asset management company in Nigeria. With his experience from roles at Swiss Re, GE Capital, and Softbank, Ingo will further drive Inyova's vision and growth.

Andreas von Angerer
Andreas von Angerer

Head of Impact


Andreas is responsible for all topics related to impact and sustainability. He currently lives in his home country, Germany, and brings cultural experiences from stays in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. Andreas holds a degree in political science from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich and Universidad de Granada and was previously head of the ratings department at ISS ESG. When not busy improving the world, Andreas enjoys listening to music or playing basketball with his three children.

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Investing information

Crowdinvesting target:

Minimum: CHF 1,000,000

Current: CHF 5,000,000

Form of participation: Bond which will be converted to common share with voting right
Issuing price: CHF 250
Currency: CHF
Minimum investment: CHF 250 (1 bond)
Maximum Investment: CHF 50,000

Subscription period: July 1 - July 3 2024


About the company

Employees: 45
Founded: 2017
Company: Inyova AG
Commercial register nr.: CHE-138.068.018




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